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Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium Security Screening Policy

Applicable to All 2019 Dance Competitions

The Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium values our guests’ safety and we want everyone to have an exceptional experience at our historic venue.  Please help us by getting the word out to all of your participating dance studios that all dancers and guests will be subject to a security check before entering the building.  Please encourage everyone to arrive earlier than normal to allow extra time to pass through our bag check and metal detecting stations.

We will not enforce our clear bag policy during dance competitions.  Our dance competition bag policy will be different from our clear bag policy that we enforce for ticketed events.  We will allow all bags inside our venue after each bag has been through a security check point.

All dancers and guests must walk through one of our metal detection scanners before entering the building.  Dancers and guests must remove all objects from their pockets before walking through one of our metal detectors.

The following items will not be permitted inside the building:

The following items will be allowed inside the building:

The Spartanburg Auditorium will provide water refilling stations in the lobby.

Thank you for your cooperation!




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